Lessons of a Writer #4

Top Tips for Running a Writing Workshop

Written by Anita Goveas

1. Include your students in the conversation

Talk about how to make the session accessible:

  • Ask people at the start of the workshop if they have any suggestions
  • Discuss how the participants perceive the classroom/workshop space, discuss creating a safe space for everyone
  • Acknowledge the fact that we are individuals
  • Have a conversation about respecting people’s needs

2. Think about ways to support confidence as well as writing skills

For example, discuss the importance of giving peers positive feedback only.

3. Think about visual, auditory, tactile learning styles

4. Record the session

5. Have handouts available

6. Build in breaks

7. Hold it in person and online (hybrid)

8. Check what accessibility options are available in the teaching environment e.g. hearing loop, closed captions

9. Consider the course content and the range of story examples 

10. Consider the complexity of the material

For example, you can ‘scaffold’ exercises and prompts i.e. prepare a step up and a step down version so you can change them depending on the ability of the people on the course.


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We are a South Asian Collective and totally passionate about writing. We are a virtual writing group. Between us we are authors, teachers, spoken word artists, play wrights, novel writers, flash fiction writers and poets.

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