Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Anita Goveas

This week we get to know a little bit more about the prolific flash fiction writer and editor, Anita Goveas! Her answers are a lesson in brevity and the consequence of cutting down word count in order to deliver a powerful punch. *** 1. Pitch yourself as a writer in seven words. A blend ofContinue reading “Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Anita Goveas”

Meet 1/7 of The Koyal Writers, Mala Schneider

Hello dear readers and welcome to the next 1/7 Koyal interviews! This week we have Mala Schneider in the hot seat, giving us a look into her identity and thoughts as a writer. Sharing thoughtful reflections and taking us across the globe with her bookshelf faves, we get a real insight into a brilliant mind!Continue reading “Meet 1/7 of The Koyal Writers, Mala Schneider”

‘Your people’ can turn up at any time in your life

Since we got married, my sisters and I have stayed at our parent’s house every year for Eid. The time is always full of joy, catching up till 2am, too much food, presents and the children being spoilt by grandparents, aunties and uncles. The day of return is always tough. We start tip toe-ing aroundContinue reading “‘Your people’ can turn up at any time in your life”

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