Lessons of a Writer #6

Do what’s right for you Written by Nazira Vania I attended an online conversation with Julia Cameron recently, hosted by the London Writers Salon. Hearing from the artist behind The Artist’s Way was a joy, especially when she read one of her poems and sang – sang! – one of her songs. The conversation was inspiringContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #6”

Lessons of a Writer #5

Follow Your Characters Written by Sarah M Jasat In my feedback to a piece a friend recently shared with me, I had only one piece of advice: follow those characters. It may sound a little film noir, but it’s a technique that has worked for me time and time again. When you start writing youContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #5”

Lessons of a Writer #4

Top Tips for Running a Writing Workshop Written by Anita Goveas 1. Include your students in the conversation Talk about how to make the session accessible: 2. Think about ways to support confidence as well as writing skills For example, discuss the importance of giving peers positive feedback only. 3. Think about visual, auditory, tactileContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #4”

Lessons of a Writer #3

Writing and Grief Written by Mala Schneider Catharsis  We all know that writing is cathartic, but whatever the reason for releasing our feelings through the ink of our pens flowing onto paper, or tapping the alphabet buttons on our keyboard, can also be the very same reason for causing writer’s block. This means writing isContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #3”

Lessons of a Writer #2

Write as Much as You Can and Finish Stuff Written by Sidra Ansari Think about setting a daily or weekly target for yourself. You may have already heard about the “10,000-hour rule” which Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in his popular book, “The Outliers,” where he states that “Ten thousand hours is the magic number ofContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #2”

Lessons of a Writer #1

Writing and Expectations Written by Nabeela Ahmed When you begin writing fiction, especially if it is contemporary fiction, you keep worrying that people will think all of it is your personal experience and judge you. In 2018 I often stopped writing a scene as I worried that people would say that’s not a Muslim thingContinue reading “Lessons of a Writer #1”

Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Anita Goveas

This week we get to know a little bit more about the prolific flash fiction writer and editor, Anita Goveas! Her answers are a lesson in brevity and the consequence of cutting down word count in order to deliver a powerful punch. *** 1. Pitch yourself as a writer in seven words. A blend ofContinue reading “Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Anita Goveas”

Meet 1/7th of the Koyal Writers, Nabeela Ahmed

Hello there dear readers! This week we are getting closely acquainted with Nabeela Ahmed. Nabeela is a firecracker of creativity, both in terms of producing her own work and in fostering artistry in her community and further afield! Step into her world of stories, poetry and magic… 1. Pitch yourself as a writer in sevenContinue reading “Meet 1/7th of the Koyal Writers, Nabeela Ahmed”

Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Sujana Crawford

Welcome back dear readers! We are now on to Sujana Crawford’s seven questions. She shares with us how her favourite books and life experience have shaped the art she creates and made her the woman she is today. *** 1. Pitch yourself as a writer in seven words. Stories that spotlight what is brushed aside.Continue reading “Meet 1/7th of The Koyal Writers, Sujana Crawford”

Meet 1/7 of The Koyal Writers, Mala Schneider

Hello dear readers and welcome to the next 1/7 Koyal interviews! This week we have Mala Schneider in the hot seat, giving us a look into her identity and thoughts as a writer. Sharing thoughtful reflections and taking us across the globe with her bookshelf faves, we get a real insight into a brilliant mind!Continue reading “Meet 1/7 of The Koyal Writers, Mala Schneider”

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